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Forex Trading FAQs


Q No mail has arrived with Login ID and Password…

All approved account holders will receive a Customer ID and user password BY E-MAIL.
There is a possibility that the mail from us has been taken as a spam and filtered.
Please change the E-mail setting so that your mail account may receive the mails with domain "".

Q How much is the maintenance fee for an account?

There is no charge for customers to maintain their account

Q What is the cost for opening an account?

You can open an account for free.


Q Why the margin requirements gets 6 times higher than usual on weekends, yearend, etc?

Because there have been many cases that large fluctuation of rates was seen
when the interbank got started at the market opening like after weekend break or holiday break.

Q What is Margin Call?

A notification that more funds must be deposited into an account because the value of the account has fallen below the minimum margin needed to cover the size of existing positions.
On our terms, when equity gets less than used margin, the account goes into Margin Call situation and all the existing positions on that account get closed automatically.
Forex Margin Call is also known as Fed Call or Maintenance Call.

Q When do you update margin requirements?

Margin requirements are updated every Monday. It rises 6 times higher at a certain point from the last two hours before the interbank closes in NY.
It may be changed when exchange rate greately fluctuates.

Q What is your trading time?

You can trade from Wellington opening until NYCL closing on the weekend.

Q Can I change my Username (Login ID)?

We are afraid that Username (Login ID) CANNOT be changed.

Q I forgot my password. What should I do?

Please click "Forgot My Password" in the start up window of FX Troll.
A new password will be sent to your registered e-mail address .

Q I forgot my Username (Login ID). What shall I do?

Please contact us by your registered e-mail at and we will notify you your user name via email.
Please note that you will be asked to submit identification document(s) for confirmation.

Q What is Roll-Over?

Roll-Over: Extending the settlement value date on an open position to the next trade date.
In general, settlement in foregin exchange market is in 2 working days after the trading. However, in the foreign exchange margin transactions, the position will be rolled over automatically until it get closed.

Q Where can I see the Swap Points?

Our forex swap points information is updated daily in our Swap & Margine Information page.Also the applicable swap point for currently open position can be seen in the open position window at FX TROLL platforms.

Q When is the swap point applied?

The swap point is applied when the position is rolled over.

Q Please let me know your commission structure.

No commission on any trading transaction will be charged.


Q Is there a limit on the amount when withdrawing my funds?

The withdrawal amount does not have upper limit. However, please note that the minimum withdrawal amount will be $100. When less amount is required, there is a case that the amount may result in negative after charged wire fee at financial institutions and the requirement can't be processed.

Q Demo Account and Demo Trading

It is not available to trade on weekends (neither is when market is closed).
All trading activity is unavailable while the market is not open.

Q How long is the demo account valid?

Demo account is valid for 30 days from the date you registered.
Though your Demo account is expired, you can register again for another.

Q Please tell us the time available for trading on demo system.

It is available from market opening on Monday until market closing at the weekend.
However, when the market is closed or in the maintenance,
trading on Demo system will not be available.

Q I forgot my password for my Demo account. What should I do?

Please click "Forgot My Password" at the start up window of FX Troll.
A new password will be sent to the e-mail address registered when opening your Demo account.

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