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Quick Guide for Forex Trading

What's FX trading?

FX is an abbreviation for Foreign exchange margin trading and FX trading indicates “Foreign Exchange” or “Foreign exchange margin trading”. The difference between the two is whether to use “margin” or not in trading, however, these words are recently used in the same meaning.”FX trading” is generally well-known as the exchange rate of US dollars and/or Euros etc. comes on news. However, it differs from the securities market in the point of absence of exchange as a market and is used as a generic term for trading in which buying and selling parties or brokers execute transactions directly on a one-to-one basis.

Currency is a Mirror of the World

Instruments traded in the foreign exchange market (like USD/JPY, for instance, ) are often represented as power gap between countries. However, movement to maintain a balance by means of multilateral trade not only for relation to US dollars as the key currency has appeared since European economic integration was established with emergence of European currency (EURO). From a different point of view, exchange rate is possibly the epitome in which the overview, history and economic status in each country intricately reflect. You may potentially be reflected in the large mirror of the world at a glimpse into the world of currency exchange.

Market participants

Right from the first, exchange market is the market because of the need to exchange currency when making trades. It was around interbank trades at the beginning, but grew up in a passage of time to be the market not only for financial institutions but also for various participants including corporations and investment companies and as hedge fund annuities in these days. It is recently recognised as a market opened to public for asset management and it is not an exaggeration to say that the market size will continue its growth. “Foreign exchange margin trading (FX trading)” is open to anyone. We provide trading system which enables our customers to start trading with comfort.The Appeal of Forex Trading

The Appeal of Forex Trading

Trading by margin

Margin is funds which have the features like cash collateral that the holder of a financial instrument has to deposit to cover some or all of the credit risk of his/her counterparty. Therefore the total amount of transaction is not required on trade and the transaction gets completed only by passing profits and losses without cash.

Trades available for 24 hours

The Foreign exchange market is one market built in global scale and you can always enter the market as it is running without stop as long as transaction is made somewhere in the world. In the foreign exchange market, transaction continues except Saturdays, Sundays and 1st January. Thus the foreign exchange market is available for 24 hours and traders can enter to make transaction at any time. *Please note that trades with “FX TROLL” are not available while the system maintenance time.

Forex Swap Points

Swap Points (Swap interest rate) means the difference in interest rates between transaction currencies. If you buy high-interest currency and sell a low-interest currency, and roll over the positions on the next business day, you will receive the swap points. You will have to pay the swap points in the opposite case. *If the deal was completed during a day, swap point is not raised. *Swap points are variable in accordance with the market price.

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