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2015 Campaign

Deposit Cash Back Bonus

Receive an icredible bonus in every deposit you make !!!

Infinity space offers ALL customers an incredible bonus that can be withdrawn on
any deposit amount made during the period.
Bonus will be applied to your trading account after confirming your deposit during
the promotional period.

The minimum requirement is $50 deposit .

With a deposit of  → $50 up to $100, you will receive 10% Cash Back Bonus
$101 up to $500, you will receive 15% Cash Back Bonus
$501 up to $10,000, you will receive 20% Cash Back Bonus
$10,001 and above, you will receive 30% Cash Back Bonus

Cash back will be applied to your trading account after confirming your deposit during the bonus period.

e.g. Deposit of $100 + 10% Cash Back Bonus = $110 in Total

Cash back can be withdrawn after trading lots 10x the cash back amount

e.g. Cash Back Bonus $10 x 10 = 100lots

Bonus period: November 1st to November 30th

Terms of Offer
1. The Deposit Cash Back Bonus can only be received during the Bonus period
2. The deposited amount less than $50 will not be included in this bonus.
3. Only the number of lots settled will be counted for the withdrawal conditions. (Binary Option Bets are not included.)
4. Less than a $10/UNIT of the deposited amount will not be calculated for your cash back bonus.
5. For the withdrawal regarding the cash back bonus, please note that we may cancel or modify the cash back bonus if the number of lots traded doesn't reach the withdrawal conditions.
6. Please note: You will be notified via email if the contents of the bonus change

Rescue Bonus

Infinity Space will return your losses !!!

If you encountered a big loss from unexpected and unpredictable movement of the market, in return you will receive up to $500

Requirements to receive:

Deposit Amount
Loss Amount
Traded Lots
Rescue Bounus
$100$10040 Lots$10
$200$20080 Lots$20
$300$300120 Lots$30
$400$400160 Lots$40
$500$500200 Lots$50
$600$600240 Lots$60
$700$700280 Lots$70
$800$800320 Lots$80
$900$900360 Lots$90
$1,000$1,000400 Lots$100
$2,000$2,000800 Lots$200
$3,000$3,0001200 Lots$300
$4,000$4,0001600 Lots$400
$5,000$5,0002000 Lots$500

Bonus period: November 1st to November 30th

Terms of Offer
1. Losses will be determined by the difference between the total deposit from November 1st to November 30th account balance.
2. The bonus will be received the 3rd week of October 2017.
3. The bonuses above can be withdrawn after trading lots 10x the bonus amount.
4. Only the number of lots settled will be counted for the bonus conditions.
5. Please note that terms of offer may be modified without any prior notice.

Refer A Friend Bonus

Receive additional cash back by introducing FX TROLL to a friend.
When your friend opens and funds a trading account with us,
you will both earn a cash back reward of $200.

Who can introduce: Clients who have already opened an account with us and already deposited $500.
Eligible customers:
   1. who haven't had an account with us before.
   2. who select "Friend Recommendation" and add the name of the friend on the "Comment" column.

*Cash back will be applied to the FX TROLL account after confirmation of deposit.
*Can be withdrawn only after trading more than 600 lots and the volume only in closed position will be counted (the volume in open position will not be counted).
*Please note that introduced friends can only receive the cash back after confirmation of more than $500 of First deposit.
*Please note that the person who introduced a friend must have a record of depositing more than $500 to his/her account.
*Please note that conditions and/or terms may be modified without any prior notice.




Complete online account opening form

We only accept online account applications. Please ensure you complete all the required information fields.
We will send a confirmation email once your application has been received and approved.


Submission of identification documents

The confirmation mail will include what can be used as identification documents and where to be sent. Please send your indentification documents attached to e-mail within the designated period of time. We will not be able to complete your application before we are in receipt of the below documents.
You are required to send a copy of passport plus another identity documents listed as below.

List of identification documents
Driver's LicenseInternational
Citizen Card
(Current)(Current)(Within 3 months)

*Indetification documents are issued by public authorities in your country.
*Please ensure your current identification documents contain your full name; current address and date of birth. These should match your  account opening form.


Review account opening

After we receive your account opening application form, our account opening team will review your request as well as verify your identification documents. Your application is subject to applicable laws and regulations as well as our company compliance standards. We are not obliged to reveal the reason for any unsuccessful applications.


Receiving our notification e-mail with your customer ID and password

All approved accounts will receive a Customer ID and user password by email.


Deposit into your Trading Account to start trading

You may commence trading after your account is funded.

To fund your account click below "Deposit & Withdrawal"
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