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Infinity Space offers forex trading platforms that allows you to control and monitor your trades at all times. Trade over twenty popular currency pairs all on one account from the platform of your choice. Choose the best platform that fits your daily trading style and stay connected in the forex market to maximize your financial benefits anywhere, anytime.

FX Troll

FX Troll is a downloadable desktop based Forex trading platform that allows the traders for more freedom in customization than web base platform to fit their everyday trading. FX Troll utilises a user-friendly and reliable trading system with world class functionality from ActForex.

FX Troll Web Trader

FX Troll Web Trader allows you to quickly and easily access the forex market from nearly any computer with an internet connection. There is no software download needed for the system. It works on your favorite major browsers that works on Apple® and Window® computers.

FX Troll Web Trader (live)

FX Troll Addon

FX Troll Addon is an addon linked to a user's account in FX Troll that allows to view essential information of account's current balance, Net P/L, equity, used margin, number of open positions and currently active orders all while browsing the web with Firefox. Stay on top of your trading.

Download FX Troll FX Troll Web Trader (Demo) Download FX Troll Addon

FX Troll Droid

FX Troll Droid is an application for forex trading on Android mobile phones. FX Troll Droid will synchronise all of your trading transactions from your PC version of FX Troll. Offers real-time rates, charts, positions, and other information similar on PC version. You don't have to be stuck in front of PC for your daily trading!

FX Troll for iPad

FX Troll for iPad is an iPad Version of FX Troll. FX Troll for iPad features provides, easy to understand platform cofiguration, stress-free trading rates, real time chart display and you can easily check your asset situation in iPad version.

FX Troll for iPhone

FX Troll for iPhone is an iPhone Version of FX Troll that is simply one of the best mobile forex trading platform in the forexmarket. It will synchronise all of your trading transactions from your PC version of FX Troll in real-time by loging in using the same ID and Password.

Download FX Troll Droid Download FX Troll for iPad Download FX Troll for iPhone
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