5 latest Trends in the landscaping industry in Dubai


Landscaping industry and the taste of people in terms of landscaping has constantly evolved throughout the world. This causes people to choose and follow different trends, styles and designs in the course of time.There large amount of landscaping firms, select a professional and trusted landscaping company in Dubai for your services to get the latest landscape trends. Here are 5 latest trends that are recently adapted in the landscaping industry in the Dubai.

  • More Importance to Form & Function:

Landscaping has been largely related to aesthetics and looks for quite some time in the past. But with the evolution, people are more in to form and functionality. Clients are looking for a more functional space at their front and back yard that also ads a good aesthetics to their houses. 

Having a beautiful landscape may make the visitors feel envious or that may act as a status symbol for the owner, but it gives no value to the owner unless it is functional. The best design is functional design. Since people have become more aware of this form of design, this has become one of the major trends in the landscaping industry in the Dubai.

  • It is considered a Stress Buster Rather than a Status Symbol

Usually, a beautiful landscape translates the status symbol of a person or the owner, but now, with many people giving importance to their mental and physical well-being in recent years, they consider having a beautiful landscape to wake up to will reduce their stress and improve their mental health

So, people wish to have a beautiful landscape just for them so that they will have a nice place to wake up to or a place to hang out with their friends and family and not for anyone else. So, there are more people joining the club.

This trend in peoples mind has become a major push for many others to give it a try too. 

  • Low Maintenance Landscapes 

Low maintenance landscapes have become a major request to landscaping companies in Dubai from the people in the UAE. Since everyone who has a private house or villa in Dubai has started showing interest in having a beautiful landscape in front of their house, they also wish to keep it low cost and low maintenance in nature. Hence low maintenance landscaping designs have become one of the latest trends in the landscaping industry in the UAE.

  • Drought-Tolerant Plants 

As the weather in the UAE is mostly arid, residents tend to choose drought-tolerant plants for their landscaping in Dubai to make it low maintenance, energy-efficient and evergreen. People in the UAE are now requiring the landscaping companies in Dubai for drought-tolerant plants for their house landscaping works.

  • Vertical Gardening

KCJ is one of the leading gardeners in Dubai. According to KCJ,vertical gardening has gained more popularity in the recent times.A green wall in the garden enhances the look of the place also it enables people with less space in their house to set up a landscape using vertical landscaping method. Due to its recent popularity, it is also one of the major trends in the landscaping industry in the Dubai.