Benefits Of Peel And Stick Wallpaper Vs Traditional Paste Wallpapers


You mentioned home decor, so the famous stickers or traditional wallpaper come to mind, right? Whether in the kitchen, living room, son, or daughter’s bedroom, the drawings completely change the face of the environment. However, they do have differences.

If you thought the sticker and the traditional wallpaper were exactly the same, you are wrong. Both have the purpose of decorating and are really amazing, adding a lot of personality, style, and elegance, depending on the print that is chosen.

Although different, the two models are ideal for those who want to decorate any space without having to worry about large works, which generate a lot of mess, in a practical and quick way. Do you want to understand and know a little more about the products? Follow it below!

Peel And Stick Wallpaper Vs Traditional Paste Wallpapers – Application Differences

The main divergence between adhesive and wallpaper is in the forms of application. It’s been said that both are easy to glue and don’t need big works, right? However, unlike adhesive, paper needs specialized labor to carry out the collage. Understand:


The wall sticker is easily applicable as it has its own glue on the back of the design. There is no need to use glues or other specific products. In addition, it comes with a spatula to help the process, preventing bubbles from forming during the application, which lasts around 30 minutes just, visit for the best peel and stick wallpaper online.

Traditional Paste Wallpaper

The paper is also simple to apply and doesn’t require any special tricks. The difference here is that it does not have a self-adhesive back, that is, it is necessary to use specific glue and specialized labor to cut it correctly and finish the desired design.

Regardless of the fixation procedure, the two are widely chosen for their high practicality and ease, without making a mess, dirt and without leaving any smell to the environment in which they will be placed. However, despite being practical, it is necessary to be cautious and careful when using them on the wall, so that they do not create bubbles or become crooked or misaligned.

Which one to choose?

Which of the models to choose? This, for sure, is the biggest question regarding the types of products. But calm down! The choice of which one to use has a lot to do with your need – the decision has to be made according to the type of room you want to decorate, the type of design you want and the amount of space you have available for it.

If you want smaller prints and only on some part of the wall, want to mix or distribute some designs separately, the sticker is a great option, especially for childrens wallpaper, which often likes to mix several animated characters.

It is also possible to apply a single color wallpaper or create strips with different colors and finish it with the application of stickers as well. The step of selecting the ideal model, format, and design deserves special planning that takes into account all of the room’s characteristics and personal preferences, so have all this established first.

Both materials, adhesive or wallpaper, blend in very well with spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms, and best of all, they’re easy to clean and easy to remove if you get sick of the print. To clean them, just wipe them with a slightly damp cloth with mild soap, and, presto, you’re done.