Lampart Lighting Studio – The Best Way of Creating Luxurious Ambiance in Any Room 


Lighting systems have a way of changing the ambiance of any environment. The best way to compliment the opulence of any space is with the help of lighting systems. Do you love to bring out the emotional factor in a room? If yes, then the right lighting is the best choice for you.

Lampart Lighting Studio is one of the decades-old lighting services that operate in Turkey. Established 30 years ago, in the year 1990, the company has always looked for ways of improving their services, so that they can fulfill all the requirements of the customers. From the time they are introduced to the world of lighting services, they have never worked on compromising the quality of their products.

In the beginning, this lighting service was known as Modern Aydinlatma, and later it became Lampart in the year 2004. Today, the lighting service operates in a 15,000 sq. km area. They can even work on customizing the lighting service as per the requirement of the customers. They take pride in completing more than 500 lighting projects of many luxury hotels in and around Turkey.

The designers that work for Lampart Lighting Solutions will first analyze the actual area where there is a requirement of the lighting installation. Once they work on coming up with the best idea of lighting for any particular area, they will then start working on creating the 3D model of the plan that they have come up with.

The team consisting of lighting designers, managers, craftsmen, and engineers will start working on the 3D model that is prepared by the designing team of Lampart Lighting Solutions. After the completion of the project, the concerned team will start their work of bringing together the units that are customized specially for the customers.


The completed parts of the lighting systems that are designed for a certain customer will be then tested by subjecting them to various circumstances. By doing so, the experts can analyze the quality of the product and can make necessary changes accordingly. Before the lighting products are shipped to their respective destinations, the shipment team working for Lampart Lightings will make sure that their products are wrapped securely with the help of foam wrapping and bubble wraps.

Lampart Lighting Solutions are famous for working with some luxurious clientele within and outside Turkey such as,

  • Millennium Hotel and Convention Center in Kuwait
  • Sherwood Dreams Resort in Antalya
  • Millennium Resort Selale in Oman
  • Maysan Kurmick Hotel in Iraq
  • Delphin Platinium Botanik in Antalya
  • Elexus Hotel Resort & Spa in Cyprus, and so on.

Apart from all these above-mentioned hotels and resorts, Lampart Lighting Solutions have even worked with some big names belonging to various locations around the globe.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a prestigious award that is given to such companies that have made something big in their field. Lampart Lighting Solutions take pride in being awarded this prestigious title because of the project in Radisson Blu Hotel Kayseri. Their work of special stainless-steel-based lighting designed with long cut crystals is what made them get not only nominated, but also to be awarded this prestigious title.