Top 5 Exterior Siding Options


Pat Riley, a former NBA coach, once rightly posited that “look for your choices, pick the best one, then go with it.” Making the best choice when there is an avalanche of options does not come easily. You have to study and weigh your options carefully, then choose the one that best suits your need.

Although there are a lot of options for siding fayetteville ar available to create a magnificent facade for your building, it is necessary you go for one that is highly durable, easy to use, water resistant and environment-friendly.

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Top 5 exterior siding options

1. Vinyl siding

It is known as the most used siding choice in the US. It is a versatile siding that allows owners the choice of colours and styles it can be installed in.  For a DIY siding project, a Vinyl siding is your best option as it is not hard to install, it is also available in many home equipment stores. It is suitable for cold weather and cannot be eaten by insects.

2. Wood siding

Typically, a wood siding choice is majorly for those with bungalow and cottage exteriors. It requires a lot of maintenance such as periodic painting and chalking. When maintained properly, it gives your building a rich and classy look, it can also last for more than a century. For your brick siding, you can either choose structural brick or brick veneer. This choice of siding is good for buildings in cold climates.

3. Corrugated metal siding

This is an unusual siding option but it is perfect for homeowners who love the look of metallic windows and siding in their buildings. It gives off a modern look and very easy to install. It is environmentally friendly as it can be recycled, and can function for as long as forty years.

4. Stucco siding

This kind of siding has evolved with time. From the traditional Portland cement, lime, water and sand combination, it has grown to include a broad range of colours and texture. Typically, it is applied over concrete, it can also be applied over wood when covered with metal netting. This kind of siding can last for as long as the house itself. It is mostly the choice of ranch owners and masonry homes.

5. Fiber cement

Its material is a mixture of Portland cement, cellulose fibers and sand. Fiber cement has a solid lifespan. It is recommended for areas usually ravaged by violent wind storms. It is insect and sun resistant. For homeowners who do not want to spend much time and resources on wood maintenance, Fiber cement is a better alternative.

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