A Guide for Maintaining Artificial Grass


    Artificial grass is popularly used for sports, residential and commercial lawns. It is made of synthetic fibres and petroleum-based plastics that are perfect for landscaping. People are invested in artificial grass because of its low-maintenance and multipurpose benefits. Having an artificial lawn does not require you to reseed, water, or mow the lawn every day. While this grass provides several benefits, it is essential to sustain its quality to prolong its function. 

    Additionally, artificial grass in Melbourne can provide the perfect transformation for your outdoor and indoor areas. As a homeowner, keeping your artificial lawn at the highest quality can increase the appearance of your home and reduce the risks posed by airborne weeds, moss, and debris. If you want to make your investment worthwhile, you must ensure that your turf can function to its maximum life expectancy. 

    After your artificial grass installation, you will need tools and equipment to maintain the lush look of the turf. Large debris, dust, and leaves can clutter your area, which can cause accidents. Hence, it would be best to clean it to ensure your family’s safety. 

    If you have pets in your home, artificial lawns can be an excellent flooring option to keep them comfortable. However, pet waste can affect the quality of your synthetic lawn. It can attract bacteria and have a foul odour. If this happens, wash it with an enzyme cleaner, then hose down the area to eliminate the bad smell. You can also use a household deodorizer like vinegar. Mix it with water and spray it on the spot. 

    Artificial grass is a worthwhile investment. However, like all investments, it requires attention and maintenance to sustain its optimal condition. Nevertheless, it is important to follow simple instructions for cleaning and removing stains. To give you more information on maintaining artificial grass, here is an infographic from Easy Turf.