Common Reasons Why Aircon Light Starts Blinking Consistently


Being familiar with common air conditioner issues is helpful to prevent entire breakdown. No one desires to experience a nightmare during hot Singapore summer with sudden aircon collapse.

With advanced technology, aircons can be operated in a variety of modes including cool, dry, and fan. It is a machine and has its limitations. Fortunately, when your aircon light is blinking, it is a sign to contact the 7Days Aircon Servicing technicians. The unit is experiencing an issue, so the light starts blinking. The common reasons for the aircon light to start blinking are given below.

Improper installation

The primary reason can be the aircon’s improper installation. The installer may not have the experience nor has no proper training to install a specific model.

Unit not turning on

Even if the thermostat temperature is turned low, the unit won’t engage. This issue can occur if the circuit breaker trips. Another reason can be loose wiring or a faulty thermostat. Never attempt DIY repair because special diagnostic equipment is essential to analyze electrical issues.

Releasing hot air

Air condition releases cool air but when it starts blowing hot air suddenly means clogged air filter, debris causing the compressor to overheat, or insufficient refrigerant level. Filter cleaning is a DIY task but even if the issue does not resolve then call professionals to check for leaks in the refrigerant pipes and top up gas levels.

No air flowing

The air condition is operating but no air seems to be flowing. This issue is generally due to a worn blower belt or low refrigerant levels. The blower belt needs replacement but if the aircon is serviced regularly then this issue can be prevented from happening. The technicians look for potential issues as well as wear and tear besides the existing repairs.

Water or refrigerant leaks

Refrigerant leaks are hard to detect as they appear in the coolant pipes. Whenever you see bright-colored stains close to the unit, it indicates there is an issue. Some condensation seen on the outside of the unit is due to excessive moisture buildup. It is an indication of water leakage. If you’d like to find out why your aircon leaks water, read more from this article.

Over time the connections and lines are prone to degrade, which causes refrigerant leaks. Faulty condensate pumps and clogged drainage pipes are the cause of water leaks. Whenever, you detect water leaks, disconnect the unit from the main outlet and contact aircon servicing professionals. Inadequate refrigerant levels severely harm the compressor, which is a costly replacement part.

Unit repeatedly turns on & off

Rather than completing an entire cooling cycle the aircon repeatedly turns on and off. This issue is called ‘Short cycling’. It can overheat the compressor and ultimately damage it severely. It can be due to a clogged air filter or improper programming of the thermostat. It can even be because the AC is too potent for the room. The technicians will calculate the cooling needs, so you can choose a thermostat and unit that increases energy savings and offers optimal cooling.

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