Wooden Windows Maintenance And Care Tips


It is needless to say that a well-maintained window is likely to give you less trouble and last much longer when compared to a window that receives no maintenance or care. If you have been facing a number of issues with the windows you have installed in your home or in a new home that you have moved into then this could be because of the lack of maintenance and care. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as far as the timber windows care and maintenance are concerned. 

In case you have purchased a new home from an existing owner, you need to review the condition of all the doors and windows before you move in because it is much easier to handle the repair jobs if any required before you move in. Consider the age of the house and find out when the windows were repaired or replaced last. All these details will help you decide how to go forward with your maintenance, repair or replacement process.

You need to develop a habit to check the windows and doors regularly. This should include both interior and exterior doors and windows. When you regularly inspect your windows, you will be able to spot the issues right at the start, respond to it in a timely fashion and do what is needed before things get aggravated. In case you were to notice that repairing or simple maintenance will not help but you need to replace the windows because they have deteriorated then you should call the most experienced company for sash and case windows Glasgow has to offer to take care of your requirements. You do not want inexperienced hands to handle the job and face challenges once again. You will be able to get the best value for your money only when the windows you are installing last for a lifetime with very little to no maintenance issues. 

Ensure that all the moving parts of the windows are well lubricated after carefully cleaning them. This will ensure free movement of the windows and you do not have to exert undue force to open or close them. In case you should notice any signs of deterioration such as wood rot or warping of the frames on the exteriors or interiors you should call experts to take a look at things so that they could identify the source of the problem and fix it in a timely fashion before things get worse.

If you are cleaning the windows, make sure that you are using only approved cleaning agents and avoid using all harsh chemical-based cleaners. You may have to use strong cleaning liquids only if you ignore your windows for too long. If you are regularly cleaning it then wiping with clean water followed by wiping with a dry cloth will keep the windows clean. Take good care of your windows to get the best life out of them and the best value for your money.