How to Pack Fragile Items for a Safe Move


Have you just finished constructing your new home and are planning a move? Moving to a new house can be exciting, and is an excellent opportunity to make new friends and enjoy living in a new neighborhood. However, moving requires careful planning, and you have to get everything right. It even gets trickier when you are moving fragile items since you risk breaking your valuables while on transit.

Here is how to pack your fragile items for a move

 Use appropriate packing methods

How you pack your items determines their safety, and should use the right packing methods for each item.

Here are ways to do this;

  • Disassemble the parts and wrap every item individually using wrapping paper or bubble wrap. Be keen on the corners and sensitive parts. Ensure that the box is filled up, and stack foam or blankets in the empty parts to fill up the spaces. This helps avoid movement within the box which can cause breakage which the McLaughlin Transportationteam tries to minimize.
  • Pack heavy items at the bottom and lighter ones at the top. This ensures even weight distribution, which prevents the collapsing of the boxes.

Use double-boxing for strengthening

Double boxing is a great idea especially when you have highly fragile items. What is double boxing? This is the cat of using smaller boxes to individually pack single items then placing them in bigger box. You then fill the empty spaces with foam for extra cushioning.

Label all boxes

Clear labeling shows the contents of each box, ensuring careful handling by the movers. So, label all boxes and indicate what’s included in each. You can use words like “delicate”, “handle with care” or “ side up”. Also, include the destination rooms for each box for this will ease unpacking. Consider moving some personal fragile items like jewelry in your car than  in the mover truck. Also, ensure the documents are well-kept to avoid misplacing them.

Other tips to guide you

1.Start early and have an inventory

Every successful move begins with meticulous planning. So, start by listing all your fragile items that you want to move. These may include glassware, mirrors, antiques, jewelry, etc. Arrange them according to their sentimental value, and significance. With an inventory of all your items, you stay organized and ease packing.

2.Choose high-quality packing materials and assemble them in advance

You need the right packing supplies to minimize breakages.  With high-quality boxes, you ensure the safety of your items and worry less about breakage.  Acquire sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, packing paper, foam from a reputable store. Most mover companies supply these materials so discuss this with the movers in advance.  If you have to buy the supplies by yourself, do this early and have everything all set before you commence packing.


There are different types of fragile household items, and how you pack them determines their safety. You can’t do this alone!  You can hire professionals with expertise in moving different delicate items to help pack and move the goods. These companies are insured and you can claim compensation in case of breakage.