The pros and cons of Space Saver Stairs


Space saver stairs are becoming more and more popular. Also known as alternating tread staircases, loft stairs or paddle stairs, they might give a convenient method of reaching an attic room roomroom or basement in which a standard staircase wouldn’t fit.

The steps are extremely compact because they are produced using alternate handed steps, effectively halving the amount of treads needed – so the overall footprint within the staircase will always be smaller sized sizedsized than usual stairs. They might, however, try taking some understanding. So, are space saver stairs worth getting? Let us search for a handful of of the greatest and worst aspects.

Benefits of space saver stairs

Convenience – Anybody that has ever wrestled with folding loft steps will appreciate obtaining the chance to merely walk up some permanent stairs once they need something inside the attic room roomroom.

Safety – As being a fixed structure, space saver stairs are often sturdier than any ladder. That pointed out, the look ought to be right. As each step takes more strain in comparison with average staircase (because of the steep pitch), the treads should ideally attend least 32mm thick making within the strong timber for example oak or ash. Pine along with other softwoods are susceptible to crack so shouldn’t be utilized. Slip-resistant surfaces for the treads are important. In addition, you will need a strong handrail, preferably on sides. Provided each one of these the weather is met, you don’t have to take into account safety.

Style – These stairs can be found in a variety of designs and materials, so that you can choose one to fit your home’s character and décor. The cut-away steps are viewed by lots of to get beautiful design feature – and you will even stain or paint them different colours for further effect.

Cost – Because there are less treads wide saver staircases they often are less pricey to create than standard stairs, making them a cost-effective choice for home proprietors within a strict budget.

Drawbacks of space saver stairs

Restricted use – These kinds of stairs aren’t meant for use as being a primary staircase, but they are only appropriate for access one room similar to an attic room roomroom or cellar.

Unusual design – It may need serious amounts of control the alternate tread arrangement, whenever you only place one foot on every step. Many individuals believe that it is easier to start by themselves left foot as opposed to the best, and the opposite way round. Many stair manufacturers holds individual preference, and arrange the steps accordingly.

Pitch – Clearly, these staircases need to be steeper than standard stairs otherwise they are not going to experience a lower footprint. This may ensure they are a little harder to climb than usual stairs, which is the reason strong handrails are actually important using this sort of design.

How about building rules?

Legal needs are often construed differently based on where you reside, check together with your local building control officer before ordering a staircase. The primary suggests remember are: The steps must only result in one room they can’t participate the primary staircase they must be straight you have to fit a handrail in which the drop is a lot more than 60cm probably the most pitch (steepness) allowed is 42 levels plus you’ve got allowing minimum mind room of merely one.9m.