What are the pros and cons of using Vinyl Plank flooring at home?


Vinyl Plank flooring is a popular choice among customers for households, offices, commercial complexes, and cafes, etcetera. 

There are many pros as well as cons of using vinyl plank flooring in homes.


The advantages of using vinyl plank flooring are as follows-


Waterproof vinyl planks are especially ideal for rooms like basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. The vinyl flooring protects the floor from moisture.

Low-maintenance and easy to clean

Vinyl plank requires only occasional cleaning. For cleaning up the vinyl flooring, a broom or vacuum is sufficient. Vinyl plank flooring has a protective wear layer that allows it to maintain its radiance for many years.

Easily affordable on every budget

Vinyl plank flooring is easily affordable. This flooring is available depending upon the budget of the individual. A flooring mentor vinyl plank flooring cost guide is available on the sites to calculate the exact budget.

Plenty of decor options available

There are numerous options available for flooring choices, from woods to stone, marble, parquet, shiplap, decorative tile, and concrete. The user is free to choose any home decor style and desired flooring choice. Check for Wood Floor services Valley Stream Long Island.

Better appearance

One of the appealing features of the vinyl plank flooring is that it can take on many realistic visuals. Vinyl planks created by the use of vivid colors, textures, and patterns give a lively and real look to the floor.

Extremely imperishable

Vinyl plank flooring has a span of years. This type of flooring is children and pet friendly as it does not get stained or scratched easy. Vinyl planks can be installed anywhere in the home because of its feature of durability.

DIY installation available

Vinyl flooring is easy to install on any subfloor, with the thicker floors. Luxury vinyl plank flooring comes with an option of DIY installation with methods of glue down, click lock, or loose lay. 


The cons of using the Vinyl plank flooring are as follows-

  • Once it is glued down on the floor, it is difficult to remove.
  • It can penetrate quite easily using any sharp object.
  • It is not biodegradable, which means it cannot decompose.
  • If exposed to excessive ultra-violet rays, it can fade or get discolored.

These were the pros and cons of using vinyl plank flooring at home.