What You Should Know About the AR-15


The AR-15 was invented in the mid-1950s by ArmaLite, a California-based business that typically developed smaller rifles. Most people assume that “AR” stands for “assault rifle.” Instead, “AR” stands for “ArmaLite Rifle.” The original AR-15 had a “select fire” button that allowed users to switch between firing modes easily. Their weapon may be set to semi-automatic, automatic, or burst mode. The trigger must be depressed to prevent the weapon from firing forever. Three shots are fired when the trigger is pushed into burst mode.

What Were Our Intentions When We First Began?

It was designed to fulfill the needs of the United States military, which wanted a lightweight rifle that could contain more bullets. Colt, one of the oldest gun makers in the United States, eventually purchased ArmaLite’s rights to the AR-15 design. After a few minor alterations, Colt marketed the AR-15 as the M16 and began selling it to the military in 1963. These modifications were modest. The M16 was a huge commercial success. At the same time, it made available to the public a semi-automatic model of the AR-15 rifle. This also occurred during the same period.

Colt’s patent on the AR-15 expired in 1977, allowing other manufacturers to begin creating their own versions of the pistol. Colt has formally trademarked the word “AR-15”, and the company’s version of the AR-15 rifle is known as the “Colt AR-15.” The names “AR-style” or “AR-15-style” are more suitable when referring to the many types of semi-automatic rifles. However, the majority of people tend to consider them all the same thing.

How Many People Do You Know Who Own AR-15 Rifles?

A decade-long prohibition on semi-automatic guns was repealed in 2004, resulting in increased production. The amount generated grew by more than a hundred percent between 2011 and 2012. The yearly amount might now vary between 1.5 million and 2.5 million dollars. Because so many manufacturers develop their own weapon variations, customers may pick from a wide choice of firearms when buying an AR-15.

Why Are AR-15 Rifles Popular Among Existing Gun Owners?

They are popular among gun enthusiasts since they can be constructed in a variety of ways and feature replacement components. The industry of modifying semi-automatic rifles to function differently is its own, and it’s a good one. Many gun owners love studying and applying upgrades to their firearms’ performance. You may improve the comfort of your rifle by altering the trigger or pistol grip, or you can add accessories like magnifying scopes or red-dot sights to help you zero in on a target.

How Do You Keep Your AR-15 in Working Order?

If your AR-15 is not cleaned on a regular basis, carbon buildup, corrosion, and other variables can all interfere with its operation. How often you clean your AR-15 is governed by how frequently you use it, where you use it, and under what conditions you use it. CAT Outdoors has a range of gun cleaning supplies for your AR-15 and instructions for putting together your own cleaning kit. Most authority advocate cleaning your handgun at least once a month; having the right tools will make the job easier.

Tips and Advice for Firearms Safety

The word “gun safety” refers to a set of principles meant to guarantee that weapons are always handled, stored, and used safely. When handling firearms, it is vital to undertake periodic gun safety checks to limit the chance of accidents or injuries. Always look beyond your target, point the muzzle in a safe direction, keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot, and don’t load the pistol until you’re ready to use it. Also, before using the handgun, be sure it is empty. The following are the four most essential criteria for safe gun handling: Be conscious of your objective as well as the actions that will lead to it.

Always keep the handgun’s muzzle pointed safely when handling it. This includes keeping the handgun away from yourself and others and ensuring that it is never pointed in the direction of something you do not wish to shoot. As a result, you should never point your handgun toward a moving target. Wait until you are absolutely certain that you are ready to pull the trigger on the gun. Keep your finger off the trigger. This aids in preventing discharges that were not meant to happen in the first place. Make sure there is nothing in the weapon at any time before using it. As a result, occurrences involving unlawful use and accidents are becoming less common.

A firearm should be stored in a secure and safe area to which only the owner has access while not in use. It is vital to understand your purpose and the context in which it exists. This guarantees that you only aim at the targets you plan to shoot and are constantly aware of what is behind the target you are shooting at.

Anyone who owns or uses a gun should always prioritize their personal safety. The four essential rules of gun safety can entirely prevent accidents and injuries caused by guns.

How Can You Tell If a Gun is Loaded and Ready to Fire?

Inspecting the chamber is the most reliable way to determine whether or not a weapon has ammo. First and foremost, make sure the weapon is pointing in the right direction. After that, the action should be opened, and any magazines should be removed from the weapon. If you see a bullet within the handgun’s chamber, you know it’s loaded, and you should take the essential safety steps right now. When handling an empty pistol, which occurs when there is no ammo in the weapon’s chamber, utmost caution is required. Remember that you should always handle a weapon as if it were loaded.

Using a Firearm in a Situation

There is no such thing as being too safe regarding weapons and other sorts of armament. You should know how to disarm a weapon if you possess one or spend a lot of time around individuals who do. Knowing this skill may save your life if anything bad happened to you or if you were a victim of a crime.

There are essentially two techniques for safely deactivating a weapon. The first step is to take the magazine out of the pistol. As a result, the firearm will not work correctly unless the magazine is changed. The second step is to make certain that no bullets remain in the firearm’s chamber. Furthermore, the weapon becomes unusable until it can be reloaded.

If you cannot disarm a firearm securely, it is essential to seek the aid of a skilled professional. There are various possibilities for training classes that can educate you on how to handle weapons properly.

Considerations About Firearms

There are a few additional things to consider while handling a gun, in addition to the three fundamental laws of gun safety that everyone should be aware of. The essential thing you can do when in possession of a firearm is always to act appropriately. A firearm is not a toy and should never be handled or played with like one. Second, keep your handgun in a secure location out of the reach of youngsters and far enough away from anything that may accidentally set it off. One final piece of advice is always to maintain your handgun clean and in functioning order.

When it comes to weaponry, cleanliness is second only to Godliness. For additional information, please click here and speak with the professionals at CAT Outdoors about gun safety.