Rope Access: Making Building Facade Cleaning More Cost-Efficient


Building facade cleaning helps to ensure that the building is clean. At the same time, it makes sure that the material isn’t damaged, and the outer walls are free of germs, moss, and allergic agents.

Especially after COVID-19, many offices have been hiring building cleaning services. After all, the outbreak has made everyone more health-conscious; people are not willing to go anywhere that’s filthy. We could say that this is a factor for building facade services getting more clients these days, but companies are themselves more willing to keep the workplace clean for the well-being of its employees.

Working at Heights is Risky and Costs Money

You see, every cleaning company doesn’t offer building facade cleaning services. After all, it involves working at heights, which means the service provider needs equipment and workers who are particularly trained for the task.

Before some years, it would cost a lot of money, as first, you would need equipment such as a ladder, scaffolds, lift, etc. Again, the taller the building, the bigger the risks, so the price would increase exponentially for the risks itself, along with more work that would be needed in a larger surface area. Furthermore, we would need a lot of cleaners to be able to provide fast service with a ladder, scaffold, and lift. Add all these factors, and most companies were forced to stretch their budget.

Rope Access: Solution to the Above Problems

Rope access is a very simple concept- however, it is far effective than the equipment that we talked about in the previous header.

It consists of a rope tied to an anchor point, and then to the bodies of workers. Thus, they can move freely around the vertical surfaces with minimal risk and maximum freedom. As ropes are very cheap compared to other equipment and you wouldn’t need a lot of time to set it up, the work is very efficient. Furthermore, you will also not need a lot of workforces to complete the cleaning project.

Here is the link to a popular rope access company in Singapore.

Rope Access is More Effective as Well

Another reason to hire a facade cleaning company in Singapore that uses rope access is the effectiveness of the work. Like said before, workers can move freely around the building- so they will be able to reach the difficult corners of the construction easily. Thus, there won’t be any hidden spots.