Ask These Questions to Your High-Rise Window Cleaner Before Hiring


While choosing any new window cleaner particularly for your office building, there can be many things you may not know as far as high-rise window cleaning is concerned. Hence, asking the right questions to several tradies may help you to narrow down your choice.

With the help of good questions, it will help you to decide the real value of exactly what you will get from any window cleaning service. Therefore, you must select a few window cleaning gaithersburg md or commercial window cleaning tradies from the directory of Bleen that is an Australian business directory and offers an excellent service finder platform.

You must not hesitate to ask questions related to pricing, safety procedures, or even what logistics they will use and how they will execute the cleaning jobs, etc. By getting their answer will help you to educate yourself and choose the right tradie for your high-rise window cleaning henrietta ny jobs.

1.    Are you having a valid license and insurance paper?

This will always remain the first question whenever you are hiring any new tradie in Australia.

2.    Do you have any accreditation?

Asking any high-rise window cleaner about any accreditation will ensure the quality of service that you can expect from the tradie.

3.    How long will you take to complete the activity?

It will be good to ask this question to every tradie whom you interview to access their competence.

4.    How will your team do the work?

With this question, you can know how they plan their work and also how organised manner they do the job.

5.    Whether we need to move any of the items before you start?

You need to be careful about your few valuable items while cleaning work will be in progress.

6.    What kind of equipment will you use?

When you hired any carpet cleaning commercial service from the FlooringDomain website, they also brought special cleaning equipment. Similarly, you must know what equipment will be needed for any high-rise window cleaning activities.

7.    What are the various activities included in your service?

This is a very important question that you need to ask every tradie so that you may get familiarity with their work process.

8.    What kind of cleaners will you use for window cleaning?

You must remember that while hiring any commercial carpet cleaning service that you selected from the FooringDomain directory, they came with certain special carpet cleaning chemicals. It will therefore be interesting to know whether any special cleaners are needed for window cleaning too.

9.    Whether we need to be present while you are cleaning?

In case, you have any other appointment then you can cancel it if your presence is absolutely essential.

10.Is there any other way of cleaning?

For your academic interest, you may ask this question.

11.Whether any noise is expected during the service?

Generally, you should not expect any big noise for such window cleaning, it is not out of place to ask.

12.Will you offer any guarantee about job satisfaction?

If you are not satisfied with their job then you may take advantage of their guarantee.