Safe Ship Moving Services Speaks on Pros and Cons of a DIY Move vs. Hiring Professional Movers


Moving is among the most complex undertakings in the life of an individual. While most people opt for expert movers, many wonder if they would manage the moving job in DIY (Do-It-Yourself) mode. According to Safe Ship Moving Services, both options come with many advantages and disadvantages. Knowing them well can be helpful to get an insight into which option will be the best for them.

Pros of DIY Move:


The foremost benefit of managing the entire moving process involving packing, loading, unloading, and transportation through DIY is it is more cost effective than hiring a moving company. While relocating is fairly expensive, individuals with budget constraints can control their costs through DIY transportation to a new home.

Flexibility and Control

DIY home shifting gets individuals absolute control all through the process. From deciding the date of moving to packing materials and method or medium of moving etc. a person can enjoy more flexibility. This type of control or flexibility cannot be expected after hiring experts.

Less Likely to Face Scams

A Lower Chance of Theft: Although after researching thoroughly about moving companies, studying reviews, getting references, etc. chance of sealing the belongings by dishonest employees is always there. However, doing the job by own is less likely to be prey to theft.

Cons of DIY Move:

Time-Consuming and Overwhelming

Shifting is a daunting job that involves a magnitude of tasks as stated above. Safe Ship Moving Services considers that performing such a complex task on DIY seems to be extremely stressful, time-killing, and hectic. After all, attempting to manage the complex moving job which is meant for experts is nothing but spoiling time and extremely laborious for commoners.

The Risk of Poor Packing May Lead to Damage

Packing belongings for moving is not a job of any Tom, Dick, and Harry; however, needs a high level of expertise, knowledge and experience. With virtually no experience in handling the packing of goods and merely based on internet-based guidelines can hardly help. Use of poor quality packing supplies like used cartons, or improper wrapping and packing can lead to damage or breakage of valuables during transition.

Disassembling Furniture Can Be Challenging

Many furniture such as beds, dining tables, etc. may require to be disassembled to make them portable that vehicles can accommodate. Both disassembling and assembling jobs demand knowing the appropriate techniques that most homeowners don’t have. Trying to deal with this complex job on DIY may cause damage to the furniture making a monumental loss.

Pros: Hiring Professional Movers

Expertise Translates into Less Damage

The cause why millions of people aiming to relocate prefer hiring professional movers because of their expertise in the domain. Apart from formulating effective planning, they know the best techniques and use high-quality packing supplies for wrapping one’s belongings that prevent them from damage while ensuring absolute security.

Faster Relocation Due to Speed

Seasoned knowledge of experts accelerates the comprehensive process making relocation faster, effective, stress-free, and as per schedule. Moreover, apart from having all the necessary tools required for packing and being well-trained, the team finishes the job quickly and effectively.

Relocation Insurance:

One of the great advantages of working with professionals is that they are equipped with relocation insurance. The insurance coverage on the belongings comes to help to get compensated by the insurer for losses for damage, misplacement, or theft of things.

Cons: Hiring Professional Movers

Higher Cost:

Depending on the distance, volume, and type of belongings to be transported working with professionals can be expensive. In addition, individuals may need to pay for additional levies on customs (for cross-border moves).

However, by paying some extra bucks, homeowners can get expert services, and high-quality packing supplies and avoid possible damages.

Risk for Scams

While most high-profile moving companies like Safe Ship Moving Services are reliable and trusted by thousands of customers, there is no dearth of con companies that tempt customers with extremely low offers and ultimately snatch their goods.

To avoid, this kind of disappointing experience, make sure to research well about the company online, through face-to-face meetings, and by personal visit to their office before working with them.