Basics of bathroom remodeling: Checklist to follow


If the plan is to remodel the bathroom, then being a first-timer, you are likely to get confused. You may not know where to start. It is indeed a vital project since this room will be used frequently by your family members and guests. There are available overwhelming and endless options to select from. The Bathrooms Oxford specialists can provide you with proper and timely guidance.

Checklist to follow

  • Get to know the bathroom type you wish to add or remodel. Will it be a shared/family or half bath or children’s bath, spa/master bath? Half-bath allows usage of materials, something not used in bathrooms having tubs and showers. This is due to extreme splashing and steam. A few half-bath options are cork, bamboo or wood flooring.
  • Will it be a shared/family or master bath? Are several people to use this place simultaneously? You may consider installing a vanity having two sinks or dual sinks to derive maximum storage. However, with two wall-hung or pedestal sinks, the room will appear larger. If your bathroom lacks space and privacy is a major concern, then you may include a separate toilet room. Partial dividing wall should be added between the sink/tub, and the toilet along with frosted glass doors. Opaque shower curtain can be an affordable option. The Bathrooms OxFord specialist can provide you with the best choices to make most of the available space.
  • Number of people to use the bathroom regularly.
  • Type of storage desired. Are there plans to keep towels and linens in the bathroom? Do consider appliances like hairdryers, cleaning supplies, extra toiletries, medicine cabinet, hamper, etc. The Small or large, inbuilt cabinets, drawers, wall niches, adjustable shelves, hooks, bins and baskets will be useful.
  • Are there elderly or disabled people and small children? Any special considerations to make? Certain features when considered will ensure having a bathroom that is built for everyone to use. The Bathrooms OxFord company suggests installing handheld shower heads, non-slip flooring, round edges especially for the towel bars. Also should be added rocker light switches, countertops and hooks. The Bathrooms OxFord contractor will include bracing and plywood reinforcement between wall studs. You may also consider installing grab bars to enhance safety in the bathroom.

The truth is there are a lot of considerations to be made when it comes to optimizing bathroom efficiency. This is where the Bathrooms OxFord agency can prove to be of great help.