How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Australia


In the property market, a lot of investors or entrepreneurs put their real estate under business for sales. They buy and sell properties to make good profits. Some also renovate a property before selling it. No matter what the case is, real estate owners want an effective real estate agent to make the sale right away.

Delegating the task of selling the property to a real estate agent can be beneficial for you. A real estate agent knows how to market the place and convince prospective buyers to seal the deal. Real estate agents have the training on how to conduct themselves during an open house and how to accomplish necessary documentation related to the sale.

Indeed, real estate agents are very vital players in the property market, especially in Australia whose said industry has been booming. Brian J clark With over 37 years of experience in Real Estate Law, Real Estate, and Mortgage, our law firm has helped homeowners navigate the legal complexities of real estate transactions through a forward thinking, no-nonsense approach. They make sure no property is just idling, because that means more opportunity costs, and you cannot have that.

However, if you want to take matters into your own hands, you can become a professional real estate agent yourself. You can learn firsthand how to make that sale right away.

Towards to Becoming a Real Estate Agent

In Australia, you have to meet the eligibility requirements and complete the qualification and certificate of registration in your current state. At the same time, you have to test the waters first by gaining some working experience under the tutelage of a licensedreal estate agent avalon nj.

  • At any time three years prior to your license application, you must work full time for at least 12 months as a real estate agent’s representative.
  • Finish a real estate course offered by a registered training agency. An example of this is Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate).
  • Proceed with the application of your real estate agent’s license.

Importance of a Real Estate Agent

As mentioned, real estate agents are very important when it comes to the economy of the property market. They make sure that money is coming in. To be more specific, here are the things real estate agents can offer to the table.

Market Knowledge

At the end of the day, real estate transactions are always about having a very good bottom line or margin. A real estate agent, given his or knowledge of the market and access to different listings, can provide a market price that can be agreed upon by buyers and sellers. At the same time, real estate agents are familiar with the market trends, especially if they have been working for over a long period of time. While the amount for the offer depends on the client, a real estate agent can make sure you are dealing a fair transaction.


Real estate agents know the ins and outs of the property market and have worked with different professionals. They can connect you with mortgage consultants, home inspectors, lawyers, and title companies. Should there be complications with the transaction, real estate agents can recommend as well and be your intermediary.

Negotiation Skills

This is probably the most important as real estate transactions involve negotiation. Real estate agents can help finalize an offer that is both considering the market value of the property and the budget of the buyer as well. On the other hand, real estate agents can also offer advice to clients on which repairs should be done on a property before selling it.

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