Attic Fan Not Working-Check Out These Tips


Home Warranty Plan An attic fan pulls the hot air out of the attic and spread the cooler air throughout the room. If it is not the unbearable hot summer days, you can easily reduce your electric consumption by switching on your attic fan and keeping your air conditioning unit off. However, you may experience a problem with your faulty attic fan, and repairing it is a costly job. But, once it is repaired, considering the electricity it saves, the repairing cost is worth it. 

If you live in an older home where you have an attic fan, you are lucky because most newer homes do not have attic fans. Those who have attic fans in their home have realized one thing-taking regular care is the key to not experiencing any problems with attic fans.

What if your attic fan is malfunctioning?

There could be multiple reasons why your attic fan is not working properly. In this article, we are going to give you an overview and suggest some tips on how to fix those issues-

Attic fan has stopped:

If there is an electrical issue then your attic fan won’t turn on. But it can also happen due to a broken motor or thermostat. In this case, you should first check the circuit breaker that controls the fan.

If the fuse is blown, you can easily repair it by changing the fuse. If the circuit breaker or use is working properly, check the thermostat by manually switching your fan off and on. If the fan turns on, it’s an indication that there is a problem with the thermostat. 

If the circuit breaker and thermostat both are working properly then there might be a problem with the fan motor. Replacing an epic fan motor is an expensive affair so in that case, replacing your attic fan would be a better idea. 

  1. Blades are not moving: 

If your attic fan’s motor is working but the fan’s blades are not moving, it’s an indication often issue with the belt. Remove the outer casing of your fan and inspect the belt. The build can get cracked due to regular wear and tear or temperature ups and downs. You can easily fix this issue by replacing the belt.

  1. Humming noise: 

If the fan has a human noise when it is running at a higher speed, lowering the fan speed can resolve this issue. If the fan is running with a missing blade, then you can add blades to eliminate the noise.

  1. Burning smell: 

If you notice a burning smell from the exhaust, it means your fan’s motor is not properly greased or you have to change the belt. If the smell persists, changing the motor will be a right idea. 

  1. Loud noise: 

If an attic fan doesn’t get enough air, it may start shaking. Make sure you keep your attic window open and maintain a proper distance between the window and the fan so that your fan can get enough airflow to pull in. Attic fan and your windows should have at least 30 feet distance in between.

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