Steel: why you need it for your doors


Secure and oh so stylish, steel is the 21st Century’s top choice door material. They reinforce home or business safety whilst providing an aesthetic-enhancing, sound-blocking barrier to the public. What’s not to love? And why should you definitely invest in this exceptionally-elegant, ultra-tough material for your doors?

Let’s find out why below:

  1. They are the ultimate in security

The best steel doors Melbourne has won’t let you down at your moment of need. When combined with a first class locking system, they work as an ultra-deterrent, ensuring any would-be thieves are simply stopped in their grubby tracks.

  1. They increase fire safety

For homes and businesses located in fireproof areas, these designs are ideal for reducing risk of fire spread. When used at the entrance or between rooms, they provide a strong barrier between rooms, furthering their standing as a safer option for people in fire-susceptible regions!

  1. They are super durable

Because, come on, it’s steel – it is made to be tough! So, not only can you trust that they will enhance your property’s safety, but you know that they will have your back for many years to come. They can take the high impacts and inclement weather that thieves and the Australian climate can throw at them, and they can do so for a long time, ensuring you will have a sturdy, strong barrier to last even numerous knocks and abrasions.

  1. They provide thermal capabilities

Thermal capabilities are essential in Australia. After all, we cop some of the world’s most intense weather extremes. From winter’s single digits to summer’s mid-40s, we’re not strangers to experiencing some of the world’s climatic extremes.

As such, we are always wondering how we can make our homes and workplaces more thermal efficient. Obviously, having a tough, reinforced door that won’t warp in wild conditions is the way to go, and this is that product.

  1. They are sustainable

It should come as no surprise that steel is the world’s most recycled material. Even when combined with other alloys, this wonderful material can be re-processed quite simply as it can be picked up from the waste stream with high-grade magnets. If you’ve been looking for a material that won’t end up as landfill once (but more like, if) you’re ever done with – this is the one for you!

  1. They provide a sound barrier

Do you want your home or business protected from crooks and the elements whilst keeping the noise out, too? Well, you needn’t look any further than this incredible build material. Thick and tough, they provide a fantastic sound barrier to the outside world, something which is great if your business is located in a loud industrial area and you could really use a bit more quiet to work on your own project.

  1. Enhanced curb & resale appeal

Because, honestly, what looks better? Shabby old wood or stunning steel doors? We know our answer, and we certainly know which one land evaluators prefer when valuing your property. If you don’t intend to live or work at your location forever, you might be thinking of ways in which you can up its resale value – this material is simply perfect for it

So, with all these benefits pertaining to this stunning design, it’s easy to see why home and business owners across the country choose it for a safe, secure and ultra-stylish barrier between you and the outside world!