7 Essential Items You Shouldn’t Keep in Your Bathroom


Many homeowners use their bathrooms to store essential items like medicine, cosmetics, fragrances, and many more. Admit it or not, most people keep these products in the bathroom because it is more convenient than storing them in different places in the house.

However, baths are often wet and humid, which can become an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and germs if not cleaned regularly. When the bathroom is filled with clutter, it can turn into a breeding ground for these unwanted health risks.

Residents should be wary of their bathroom’s proper maintenance care if they want to keep it clean, fresh, and free from unwanted odor and substances. This part of the home should complement the family’s needs and have features that help keep the area pristine.

If you think your bathroom is cramped and has areas that can easily breed bacteria and germs, you should consider getting a shower remodel in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. You can hire the services of reputable contractors like DURACARE Baths to help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

When you want to change your bathtub to showers in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, but don’t want to have a traditional renovation, you can opt for bath fitters instead. This budget-friendly remodel option can fit a new shower in place of an existing bathtub without the need for demolition.

With a bathroom that is more fitting to your taste and your family’s needs, you will think twice about keeping clutter in this space. Essential items are better to be stored in proper places that will not alter their quality or cause them to deteriorate.

There are plenty of products that homeowners tend to keep in their bathroom without knowing that this practice may not be the best idea.

To know more about these essential items that do not belong in your bath, an infographic from DURACARE Baths is provided below.

7 Essential Items You Shouldn’t Keep in Your Bathroom Duracarebaths