Controlling Raccoons And Keeping Them Away From Your Home


Racoon can be a huge nuisance, the mess they make is absolutely terrible, and they can cause a lot issues if they are not managed. And that’s why we’ve put together this post with tips on how you can keep raccoons away from your home!

Common Things To Do To Prevent A Raccoon Infestation

Eliminate Any Way For Them To Get Food

The first thing you should do to prevent raccoons from making your house their new home is to make sure that garbage and food are stored in tight containers and that outdoor trash cans are covered. Raccoons are very clever animals that are used to searching for food in the trash and so, food that is left out in the open will definitely be eaten.

Keep A Clean Yard

Keeping your yard clean will also stop animals from wanting to move into your property, raccoons are scavengers by nature and so are attracted to areas where there is garbage or rotting food is about. It’s best to keep your compost pile fairly far away from your home as well because the smell of decaying material can attract raccoons too.

Install a Raccoon Repellent

Install a raccoon repellent to keep them out of your home. Commonly found throughout North America, the raccoon is not a pest animal that can be ignored when it comes to deterring. The best way to deter them is to make sure that their food source is not in your home.

Get Rid of any Means Of Getting In Or Out of Your Home

Raccoons are very smart animals and do not hesitate to enter homes where there is a gap in the door, so make sure that all doors are closed tightly and secured with wire devices such as door stop locks. These can also deter raccoons from getting past the door, they will simply go find another way in or out.

Protect Your House & Yard With a Cat Fence

A cat fence is an excellent choice for keeping raccoons out of your yard. It’s also an excellent choice to keep out skunks and other unwanted animals that are looking for shelter in your home. It can protect you from the mess they can leave behind, as well as the likes of ticks and other pests. Look for a good quality cat fence, as well as one made with mesh that’s easy to clean.

How To Get Rid Of Raccoons in Your Home

The best thing to do is to call a professional, like Gray Brothers Wildlife, and let them fix the problem. For those people who are not very handy, you can try to get rid of raccoons yourself. Try not to use any poison, as this can make the house stink and may even harm your pets.

It is necessary for you to understand that in order for raccoons to get into your home or yard, there are several counters that can be observed. There is the actual entry point of the raccoon once they have discovered a weak spot through a window or door. Obviously, it’s not an easy task to get rid of raccoons. They are strong and agile animals, and it’s rare for anyone to be able to take control of them.