What Difference Does the méduse lampshade Make?


Your pendant light will be an integral part of your interior decoration. It is therefore necessary to provide an adequate suspension, contemporary design, sleek design, Scandinavian design. Multitudes of suspensions from the most modest to the most original are available. It’s up to you to know what you are looking for.

Best Adjustability

Height-adjustable suspensions are handy for finding the perfect length. The height of the ceiling must be taken into account so that your suspension can illuminate you effectively. Take a table, a chest of drawers or a desk as a point of reference. Then all you need to do is allow 100 to 120 cm of space between the lower part of your pendant light and the surface of your landmark.

With all the models of chandeliers available on the market, it is not easy to make the right choice. This depends on many factors such as color, shape, material or size. You also have to take into account the style of the light so that it matches perfectly with the decor of the room. The chandelier is a timeless and timeless pendant light , regularly reinvented by designers.

The chandelier, an essential element of decoration

The chandelier with the méduse lampshade is one of the centerpieces of an interior. Baroque, vintage, modern, classic or minimalist, this pendant light finds its place in all rooms of the home. It gives them a touch of elegance and charm, whatever the type of interior. This lamp is regularly updated by designers. It meets the different criteria of the decoration trends of the moment. Often imposing, the chandelier benefits from a modeling allowing it to have smaller dimensions. It is then easier to install it in small rooms such as the hallway or the entrance. It also allows having a bright room since it is composed of at least three light points. It is an ideal lighting solution, especially in rather dark rooms. The chandelier diffuses a homogeneous and glare-free light, creating a cozy and warm atmosphere.