Factors Wrecking Your Hot Water Unit


The extent to which your hot water system lasts in your Cronulla home depends on how well it is maintained. With regular checks on different components of your unit, you can quickly identify problems at an early stage so they can be repaired immediately. In an ideal situation, a hot water system can last for up to 12 years – obviously taking into account various factors, maintenance being the most important. In some cases, your system’s lifespan can end in its guarantee. In such cases you may be wondering what’s wrecking your unit, especially in such a short period.

There are several that can permanently damage your hot water heater; some of these are obvious while others insidious.

ThingsThat Can Wreck Your Hot Water System

Build-up of Sediment

As soon as water flows in your tank, there are sediments that settle at the bottom of the unit. As time goes on, sediment builds up and increases to an extent where the water heater anodes get insulated. This build-up and insulation will eventually cause the anodes to burn away and cause the entire system to stop functioning.

Sediment build up can also cause the bottom of the unit to experience excessive heat, especially in gas water heaters where a protective glass lining melts away due to the heat.

Corrosive Fumes

Many homeowners in Cronulla may not be aware that corrosive fumes can destroy hot water systems – and unfortunately, this is one of the biggest causes of water heater damages.

Things such as bleaching fumes, acids. And other devices that produce reactive gas and chemicals should never be near your system. For example, a battery with acid reacts with electrodes that release gas. When that gas gets into the hot water heater through the burner, it will react with the water in the system. This mixture will react with the electrode anodes and destroy the.

The corrosive mixture also reacts with internal lining and ends up causing leaks and damage to the unit. Make sure to keep products that release ammonia gas far from the water heater to avoid damages.

High Water Pressure

The biggest and silent killer of hot water systems is high water pressure. Any water pressure that exceeds 80psi or the maximum rating, depending on the unit you have, can cause major damage to the unit. The pressure can result in appliances and water pipes bursting leading to even more issues in your home. Make sure that prior to connecting water pipes, a Pressure reducing valve and an expansion tank, if you can, are installed. The expansion tank will absorb excessive pressure as soon as there’s a thermal expansion because of the increasing heat in a closed system.


Many plumbers in Cronulla agree that neglect is the main killer of hot water heaters. For many homeowners in Cronulla, as long as their unit is installed and they have hot water in their Cronulla homes, all is well. Many of them don’t bother to check the state of their system and before you know it, they are faced with a crisis. Neglecting your water heater is a huge mistake, so make sure you regularly take note of the unit because they will experience issues like a leaking valve down the line. These “minor” problems will accelerate wear and tear if not attended.

Internal Rust

The inside of hot water systems is crucial because there are sacrificial anodes. They are installed to protect the inside of the heater from rust. The anodes sacrifice themselves to save the water heater, especially from the inside. Neglecting your system or overlooking its condition will result in the sacrificial anodes will end up disappearing without your knowledge. As a result, your tank will be prone to rusting and with time, the tank will rust and leak.

Remember that rust creates impurities in water and this can lead to other hazards.

There are many more factors that can wreck your hot water systems. Pay attention to leaking unions and the flex lines of your unit and the size of your unit in relation to what it needs to serve as they can also lead to a permanently damaged unit.

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