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As a craftsman, such as the plumber, electrician  or even the home handyman , the roofer must choose a legal status that allows him to practice legally. The auto-entrepreneur scheme has many advantages, but is also subject to several obligations. For example, it allows future entrepreneurs to start their activity with little investment, which is quite interesting for roofers who want to get into entrepreneurship. Choosing the local roofing company Athens GA is the best choice for that cause.

What is the job of a roofer?

Practicing as a roofer is generally exercised under the status of auto-entrepreneur set up by the law on the modernization of the economy.


Roof covering works play an important role in building construction. In fact, the quality of these tasks ensures not only the protection of the building structure and its occupants, but also the aesthetic side of the building. The roof covering is carried out by the roofer.

The job of HOA landscape maintenance san diego ca consists of laying the coverings that will accommodate the new roof once the framework is completed. This professional is also responsible for repairing damaged roofs . The maintenance of various materials such as tile, slate, thatch, lauze, zinc or copper is also one of the main activities of a roofer or a roofer.

The work of a roofer is based on precise plans. He is responsible for fixing the frame, laying roofing materials, sealing the roof and installing the gutter, dormer or chimney connectors.

The market

Currently, the roofing sector is continuously in search of labor, in all regions of France. According to the figures collected on July 31, 2017, there are 18,430 companies specializing in roofing and approximately 44,800 salaried roofers. The majority of companies operating in this field are owned by individuals.


To work as a roofer in France, it is necessary to comply with certain regulations. This includes, among other things, the obligation to take out decennial insurance and professional insurance. The insurance number must also be entered on the invoices and quotes communicated.

Compliance with thermal regulations is also one of the roofer’s obligations. In order for his customers to access aid and tax reductions on insulation work, the roofer must be in possession of the RGE mention.

Before starting the work and signing the contract with his client, the roofer must submit an estimate stating the details of the cost of the service and additional services. Once the contract is signed, he must comply with the various safety rules applicable on the site.

The average salary

The remuneration of a roofing craftsman depends on his experience. Thus, a novice roofer receives an average of 1,500 € gross per month and he can benefit from site bonuses depending on the company in which he operates. If it is a self-employed roofer, his income depends on his agenda. Thus, his salary can be around 3,000 to 5,000 € per month.

Which legal status to choose to become a roofer?

To become a roofer and work on your own, it is essential to choose an appropriate legal status.