Four Factors that can Affect your Decision when Buying Office Furniture


Buying office furniture can be challenging if you are not sure about what to do and to avoid. When planning the interior design of your office, you must keep some important things in mind to get the best value of your furniture investment. This post explores the factors that can affect your decision when doing office furniture procurement londonderry nh:


The majority of office furniture suppliers estimate the costs of furniture based on the square footage of the space. For example, a piece of low-end furniture can cost around $40 per square metre. Thus, if your office is 2,000 square metre, it will cost $80, 000 to fill it with furniture. Such a price escalates quickly, depending on the quality. Also, if you are buying individual pieces, there is a wide range of prices. You must buy pieces that fit within your budget while still offers the style and comfort you desire.

If you are only starting up, you need to prioritise your budget. You must have a dedicated budget for furnishing your office space. Also, before you purchase office desks, office storage, boardroom table, and other pieces, compare all the available options, finalise the quantity, and pick the vendor who offers free delivery and economical installation support.

Your Requirements

List all your requirements in detail before you go to an office furniture shop. Concentrate on improving the comfort of your workers by investing in ergonomic chairs and highly-functional office workstations or desks. Because of the many products and vendors available on the market, you must carefully align your office furniture requirements with what a vendor offers.

Moreover, you can search for a supplier that offers office layout planning and interior consultation like Cime Décor. The company offers consultation and planning support in addition to deliveries to save you the hassle associated with furniture purchases.


The functionality of furniture pieces will also help you make your buying decisions. Does a desk have in-built storage space? Does it offer ample leg space for stretching legs? The kind of functionality you require from a piece depends on the type of furniture you need.

Floor Space

It is imperative to purchase furniture in proportion to the available office space. You don’t want to purchase bulky pieces as they can cramp up a small office space. Ensure to properly plan the layout of the office to improve employee engagement and productivity as well as establish a conducive work culture.