Ipe Wood Decking: A Naturally Strong Hardwood For Outdoor Spaces


Yes, many people are looking for good wood for their outdoor spaces, ipe wood decking Florida projects of architects and designers creating strong and naturally durable decks. The beautiful grain pattern of the rich dark brown color of ipe wood shows elegance.

What is an ipe wood?

An ipe wood that is popularly used for decking nowadays is the Brazilian walnut, which gradually ages transforming its color into a lustrous silver-gray when left untreated. Some homeowners love how it changes color, but others never want to change its shade. So, they apply UV protection to maintain the original color. However, when the shade changes, it still looks beautiful and durable.

The durability of ipe wood doesn’t change when it gets aged, although it changes its color.

How to maintain the color of ipe wood?

Maintaining the color of ipe wood is pretty easy. You only have to oil or stain the wood to retain the rich brown color. But, if the ipe wood is not exposed to any weather conditions, then expect that the color will not change at all. Only ipe wood decking changes as it is naturally an outdoor space, which is exposed to several factors.

Why choose ipe decking?

Many homeowners and businesses choose ipe decking because it is one of the strongest and outstanding natural untreated hardwood materials in the market today. Ipe decking has become a popular choice for residential and commercial use for decades. Ipe is not only used for decking, many are using the wood for siding and furniture. Ipe wood developed a great reputation in the hardwood industry because of these three great reasons:

  • Strength
  • Stability
  • Durability

The fact that it is resistant to wet conditions and infestation of termites means it is not easy to decay.

The class A fire rating

Ipe hardwood decking is rated class A, the same rating as steel and concrete. A 25-year decking warranty with all the naturally durable and exotic hardwood decking products. Ipe decking is a practical natural alternative to the other hardwood decking options when the whole lifecycle of the outdoor project is considered. The natural grain and rich color of the ipe hardwood decking are breathtaking and elegant to provide a lifetime of beauty.

The most important part here is to get an ipe hardwood decking installer to make the project well done. Never do a DIY installation if you have no idea how to avoid the hardwood getting damaged.