4 Best Soft Power Washing House Cleaning Services that You Must Try


The exteriors of a house matter just as much as the interiors. Whether it’s the presentability of the house or the health of the individuals living in, clean exteriors do matter. And by exteriors we mean the walls, roof, windows, concrete driveways, and even gutters. That said, the quality of these services largely depend upon the professionals handling the work. Which is why you should be using the services of professionals at firms like Zachs Power washing. That’s because these professionals:

  • Are highly experienced. 
  • Use a soft power washing technique.
  • Have the best tools and equipment for cleaning purposes.
  • Use eco-friendly detergents for cleaning.
  • Offer services at affordable rates.

Now that you know why hire them, it’s time you learn what residential pressure washing tumwater wa is before learning about the 4 services provided at Zachs.

So, what’s Soft Power Washing?

Soft power washing is a technique used to clean the exteriors of a house by using a mixture of detergents with lots of water. The difference being, water is released at low pressure so that only dirt is removed, not the paint or cement. That said, read along to learn about the 4 soft power washing services that can transform the entire look of your house.

  1. Window Cleaning Services

Professionals can do a better job at window cleaning because:

  • They have tools to reach the areas that are inaccessible to you.
  • They offer deep cleaning by removing settled dust from the sill cracks and gaps too.
  • They remove all kinds of spots from the glass surface.
  • They can easily reach for the windows on the top floors.
  1. No Pressure Roof Cleaning Services

This service is purely dedicated to highly unkempt roofs with a startling growth of lichens, mildew, fungus, algae, and mold. Experts at Zachs power washing use a chemical solution to kill these forms of organic growth. 

  • They simply spread the solution all over the roof and leave it to dry for sometime.
  • Once the organic growth turns white, professionals use a soft brush to remove the loose chunks from the surface. The harder ones are left as it is. They are blown away by the wind and rain in a span of 3 – 6 months.
  1. Concrete Cleaning Services

Driveways can get too slippery due to the accumulation of algae over time. It gets dangerous when ignored. Instead of cleaning it on your own, you should seek professional help because:

  • Professionals use powerful detergents to kill and remove algae.
  • They know when and how to vary the water pressure to clean the driveway to perfection.
  1. Gutter Cleaning Services

Clogged gutters are a major concern for people since its extremely hard to locate the leaks and blockages. On the other hand, professionals find it easy because:

  • They can find out the exact problem area.
  • They can repair leaks and clear blockage.
  • They can offer rot management services to remove foul odour leaking in the surroundings. 

All in all, professionals save time, effort, as well as money in the long run. So, it’s always a good idea to hire them rather than taking matters in your own hands and making the situation worse.