Simple ways of lighting a room and its benefits

Simple ways of lighting a room and its benefits

As underlined by many architectural lighting design experts, the way a room is lit can have an impact on their mood, their productivity, and their feelings. Architects and designers know that lighting is one of the main features of decorating a room. We all have felt it, certain lights make us more aware and awake, and others induce us in a more relaxing state.

Lighting can completely transform a space, but not only from an aesthetic point of view but also in the way we feel and experience each space.

But there is even a more subtle effect. Lights, such as recessed lighting fredericksburg va can play a role in the way relationships are built and developed, or have an impact on the experiences that we will remember forever. So, what are easy and simple options for lighting a room? Here we have a few simple tricks to transform any space in your house.

So, what are easy and simple options for lighting a room?

Here we have a few simple tricks to transform any space in your house.

Simple tricks to lighting a room

While you need to think of each space and what do you want of them, as well as how you use them, there are a few tricks we can share that will be general and offer you a better understanding of what your options are when lighting a room.

  • Sources: it’s widely agreed that a room needs more than one source of light. We can separate them in overhead, accent lights, and task lights.

An overhead light will prove fast and efficient to illuminate the whole room, and it may be used upon entering such a room. However, this light will turn to be annoying if left on during activities in that room. Think of a living room, you enter and want to see where everything is, you turn the overhead light on, and then move across the room to turn other lights on to proceed and turn the first light off. If the living room is a place to relax, having the overhead light on will definitely interfere with that.

Accent lights could be used to emphasize art or a fixture, as well as a detail that you want to direct your visitors’ eyes to.

Finally, task lights are those that are needed to fulfill certain jobs. In the living room, you may want a reading light, in the kitchen, lights on top of the counter where the cook is prepared are useful.

  • Organic design: there is no doubt that we cannot think about lighting without considering the room, its decoration, the colour palette. The use of light in a room is part of an organic design.

Tips to lighting your kitchen

The kitchen is a space that is often used as a socialization area. Maybe all the family is having breakfast, or friends come over for a home-cooked dinner. In any case, it’s an area where very different types of light have to coexist not only to create the right ambiance but let us complete very specific tasks.

For example, kitchen islands are now very popular, however, we have seen fancy lights hanging way too close to the counter. A way to avoid this is using hanging lights but placed close to the ceiling. They provide enough light for preparing and cooking food and also are out of the way when guests are sitting there.

Another very useful and simple trick in a kitchen is to use LED strips under the top cabinets. A space usually darkened by the furniture but used by many for the preparation of food, can now be bright and more useful.

Tips to lighting a bedroom

The lighting in the bedroom will depend on the natural light and orientation of the room. However, an easy fix that always works is to have a center chandelier or pendant, combined with accent lights in the darker corners or highlighting certain fixtures or pieces of art.

In a bedroom, reading lights cannot fail to be present, usually placed on the bedside tables by the bed.

Finally, nowadays we have a massive variety of light colours and dimmers. A bedroom is a good place to play around with this layered lighting design that can give the room versatility in its uses and the emotions surrounding them.

How to light a bathroom?

It may sound silly to some, but there is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. Yes, even in the bathroom.

The options here are many. Sculptural lamps are a good way to guide the eyes of the bathroom users to a nice looking fixture, almost a piece of art, lights over the sink area at all costs to be avoided, preferring wall mounted lights at a lower height to cast more flattering light to the face of someone looking in the mirror. LED lights are also useful in the bathroom, and can either accent some details, or even work as a night light.


These are simple tricks that can be used to completely transform the rooms in your house into spaces you can not only use but also enjoy.