The Hallmarks of a Good Tree Surgeon


If you’ve been meaning to get the trees in your garden sorted, or your workplace is looking for a new tree surgeon to manage an expansive outside space, then you might be wondering how to identify the best tree surgeons in the area.

To help answer that question, we’ve observed the top tree surgeons in Chelmsford to create this list of hallmarks to look out for.

1. Health and safety comes first

Not just for themselves, but for the public and the people around them when they work.
There’s a reason why health and safety is first on the list, and it’s because it has to be the number one consideration for tree surgeons when preparing for any new project.
With tree surgery considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, surgeons working at height and with heavy machinery and equipment must undergo training and observe all the proper risk assessments and health and safety checks before getting started. A good tree surgeon will not start work until they are confident that the job can be carried out safely and under the right conditions.

2. They provide advice and practical services

A good tree surgeon won’t just turn up and do the job that you have booked them in to do – they will spend time understanding both what you want from a land or homeowner’s perspective, and what is best for the trees in situ. A major part of the role of a tree surgeon is to advise and offer guidance on how to care for and maintain trees to facilitate optimum health both for the tree and for the surrounding ecosystem.
So, you will find that the best tree surgeons in the business will be just as likely to offer advice as they are to conduct practical services and carry out practical roles.

3. They offer a range of services

Finally, a good tree surgeon will offer a wide range of services spanning tree felling and pruning, crown reduction, surveys, forestry and woodland management work, tree care, and both stump and tree root removal.
Once a good, professional, and reliable tree surgeon has completed their work in your garden or on your site, they won’t leave behind a mess or stumps which cause trip hazards in your outside space. Instead, they will take the steps and adopt the necessary services to ensure that they leave your surroundings in the best possible condition.
Suffice to say, finding a good tree surgeon means researching and reading reviews, and taking the time to understand which services you need, and which are offered by different specialists. If you’re looking for advice or reputable support in determining the best course of action for your trees and your outside space, then a tree surgeon will be only too happy to help. Get in touch with your local Chelmsford team for more information.